Professional and Continuing Education

By assembling current food systems educational material GFC deepens the curricular offerings of planning programs in the US.

Education Course Curriculum

A growing number of professional planning departments are training students in food systems planning. As recently as 2004, only nine programs in the United States offered, or had offered in the past, “a course that addressed community food systems—either as a standalone course or embedded in a regular course (Hammer 2004).” Among these programs, the University of Wisconsin-Madison played a pioneering role in planning education on food systems by offering coursework in this area (Mendes, Joe Nasr et al. 2011), training both masters and doctoral students. A recent telephone survey by the GFC team indicates that today about 20 of 74 accredited planning programs offer seminars on food systems planning, indicating a growing desire among schools to support planning education in food systems.


Examples of Food Systems Planning Syllabi from Graduate Planning Schools in North America

As an initial step in our efforts to facilitate the deployment of food systems planning resources, Growing Food Connections collected and aggregated food systems planning syllabi being used in planning schools by US region. These syllabi are available to be viewed and downloaded.


Born, Branden. Urban Planning and the Food System. University of Washington.

Crewe, Katherine. Urban Food Systems. Arizona State University.

Hecht, Susanna. Food Systems: From Wild Things to Agropolis, and the Stuff in Between. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Midwest Region

Clark, Jill. Food System Planning and the Economy. Ohio State University.

Hoey, Lesli. Food Systems Planning. University of Michigan.

Morales, Alfonso. Marketplaces and Food Systems. University of Wisconsin- Madison.

Pothukuchi, Kami. Cities and Food. Wayne State University.

Winkle, Curtis. Urban Food Systems. University of Chicago, Illinois.

Northeast Region

Angotti, Tom. Planning for Global and Local Food Systems. Hunter College, City University of New York.

Beck, Diana and Gershman, John. Hunger and Food Security in Global Perspective. New York University.

Newman, Kathe. Community Participation, Neighborhood Planning and Food. Rutgers, State University of New Jersey.

Polenske, Karen. Energy and Infrastructure Technologies. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Raja, Samina. Food Systems Planning. University at Buffalo, State University of New York.

Vitiello, Domenic. Metropolitan Food Systems. University of Pennsylvania.

Warner, Mildred. Food Systems Planning. Cornell University.

Winston, Perry. Sustainable Urban Agriculture. Pratt Institute.


Cobb, Tanya Denckla. Community Food Systems: Global/Local. University of Virginia.

Cobb, Tanya Denckla. Virginia Food Heritage:Planning for Sustainability & Resilience. University of Virginia.

Cobb, Tanya Denckla and Beatley, Tom. Community Food System Policies. University of Virginia.

Cobb, Tanya Denckla and Beatley, Tom. Healthy Communities, Healthy Food Systems. University of Virginia.

Cobb, Tanya Denckla and Freedman, Paul. Farmers Markets and Applied Food Systems Research. University of Virginia.

Cobb, Tanya Denckla and Hamilton, Kendra. Community Food Systems (CFS): Food Justice. University of Virginia.

Lieberknecht, Katherine. Urban Agriculture Systems. University of Texas, Austin.

Reardon, Kenneth. Promoting Neighborhood Revitalization through Urban Food Security Policies and Programs. University of Memphis.