Building a Common Table: The Role for Planning in Community Food Systems

Publisher: Journal of Planning Education and Research

Author(s): Caton Campbell, Marcia

Document Type: Peer-reviewed article

Format: Electronic, Print

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This article analyzes the various tensions and complementarities of the global industrialized food system and the alternative food system from the perspectives of the stakeholders involved. The author illustrates how food systems planning practitioners and academics can bridge tensions and develop a common discourse using tools like stakeholder analysis, community food assessment, and alternative dispute resolution.

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Growing Food Connection Topic: community food connections

Main Food Topics: alternative dispute resolution, community food systems, stakeholder analysis

Sub Food Topics: community food assessment, farm to cafeteria, farm to institution, farm to school, farm to university, food democracy, public participation

Public Policy Topics: Plans

Geographic Scale: Nation

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Does the resource address the food security needs of underserved populations in rural, suburban, or urban settings? NO