Exploring food system policy: A survey of food policy councils in the United States

Publisher: Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

Author(s): Scherb, Allyson, Palmer, Anne, Frattaroli, Shannon, Pollack, Keshia

Document Type: Peer-reviewed article

Format: Electronic

Free of cost: Yes


This article provides an overview of results from a survey of 92 food policy councils in the United States. Results show food policy councils are engaged in policy processes at multiple levels and focus on multiple topics. However, there is similarity in the types of their activities, which include procurement (i.e., local food sourcing by institutions), agriculture (e.g., land preservation, urban agriculture) and access to healthy food (i.e., access in underserved areas), followed by community gardening, food planning, farmers

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Growing Food Connection Topic: community food connections, community food production, community food security

Main Food Topics: agriculture, agriculture preservation, food access, food procurement

Sub Food Topics: WIC, agricultural practices, animals, buy local, community garden, farm to institution, farm to school

Public Policy Topics: Non-binding policies

Geographic Scale: County, Municipality, Region, Rural, State/province, Urban

Local government or Regional resource focus:

Does the resource address the food security needs of underserved populations in rural, suburban, or urban settings?