Food Systems Planning Quicknotes

Publisher: American Planning Association

Author(s): Peemoeller, Lynn

Document Type: Briefing Paper

Format: Electronic

Free of cost: No


This briefing paper discusses how planners can become involved in planning for food production, processing, and distribution, while also improving access to healthy foods. A good resource to share with upper management, elected officials, and interested stakeholders to provide a succinct overview of the topic and the opportunities and challenges it brings.

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Growing Food Connection Topic: community food connections

Main Food Topics: food access, food distribution, food retail, food security, food system

Sub Food Topics: Affordability, community garden, grocery store, supermarket, underserved population(s), vulnerable population(s)

Public Policy Topics: Partnerships, Plans, Public investment

Geographic Scale: Municipality, Region, Rural, Suburban, Urban

Local government or Regional resource focus:

Does the resource address the food security needs of underserved populations in rural, suburban, or urban settings? YES