Health on the Shelf: A Guide to Healthy Small Food Retailer Certification Programs

Publisher: Change Lab Solutions

Author(s): Fry, Christine, Levitt, Zoe, Ackerman, Amy, Burton Laurison, Hannah

Document Type: Guide

Format: Electronic

Free of cost: Yes


This guide describes how to create a strong healthy small food retailer certification program that requires participating stores to increase the variety of healthy foods they sell, reduce the offerings of unhealthy foods, and proactively market healthy options with help from a sponsoring agency or organization. It provides step-by-step instructions for developing a certification program, with ideas and examples from existing programs.

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Growing Food Connection Topic: community food connections

Main Food Topics: food access, food assistance, food distribution, food marketing, food retail, food system, healthy food retailer certification program

Sub Food Topics: Affordability, SNAP, WIC, corner store or bodega, food infrastructure, food stamps, fruit, grocery store, liquor store, low-income, mini market, produce, supermarket, underserved population(s), vegetables

Public Policy Topics: Physical projects, Plans, Programs, Public investment

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