North American Food Sector, Part One: Program Scan and Literature Review

Publisher: Wallace Center at Winrock International

Author(s): Pansing, Cynthia, Wasserman, Arlin, Fisk, John, Muldoon, Michelle, Kiraly, Stacia, Benjamin, Tavia

Document Type: Report

Format: Electronic

Free of cost: Yes


The first part of a three-part publication, this resource provides an overview of food sector research and practices in cities across North America. The resource assembles a body of research that cities can use to inform decision-making about where to invest in innovative ventures in the food sector to realize the greatest economic development benefits, particularly through job creation, and how they can enhance community access to healthy food.

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Growing Food Connection Topic: community food connections, community food production, community food security

Main Food Topics: food access, food aggregation, food availability, food distribution, food marketing, food processing, food procurement, food production, food retail, food sector, food security

Sub Food Topics: Affordability, buy local, commercial kitchen, community kitchen, farm to institution, farmers market, food business incubator, food business technology, food hub, food infrastructure, underserved population(s), value-added

Public Policy Topics: Physical projects, Plans, Programs, Public investment, Regulations/laws

Geographic Scale: Municipality, Urban

Local government or Regional resource focus:

Does the resource address the food security needs of underserved populations in rural, suburban, or urban settings? YES