Planning for Agriculture in New York: A toolkit for Towns and Counties

Publisher: American Farmland Trust

Author(s): Haight, David, Held, Diane

Document Type: Guide

Format: Electronic

Free of cost: Yes


This guide helps communities engage farmers and rural landowners in local planning efforts; assesses current town policies and their effectiveness; and provides a range of tools available to help New York towns and counties support local farms. The guide contains case studies demonstrating how towns and counties are successfully planning for agriculture. Publications, state laws, local plans and ordinances are available online by opening the resource index.

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Growing Food Connection Topic: community food connections, community food production

Main Food Topics: agriculture, agriculture preservation, food access, food marketing, food processing, food procurement, food production, food system

Sub Food Topics: agricultural practices, agrotourism, buy local, community supported agriculture, farm, farm stand, farm to cafeteria, farm to college, farm to institution, farm to school, farm to university, farmers market, food infrastructure, fruit, produce, value-added, vegetables

Public Policy Topics: Non-binding policies, Physical projects, Plans, Programs, Public investment, Regulations/laws

Geographic Scale: Exurban, Rural, State/province, Suburban, Urban

Local government or Regional resource focus: New York

Does the resource address the food security needs of underserved populations in rural, suburban, or urban settings? YES