Bipartisan Legislation to Connect Farmers to Local Consumer Markets

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Three representatives have introduced HR 3941, the Local Food And Regional Market Supply Act (Local FARMS Act). Representatives Pingree (D-ME), Fortenberry (R-NE), and Maloney (D-NY) have introduced legislation to assist farmers better access growing markets as well as help consumers access healthy local food. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has brought forth a companion bill in the Senate. The legislation would:

  • help farmers implement food safety practices and equipment upgrades;
  • create a new food-as-medicine pilot program to support fruit and vegetable prescriptions for low-income individuals;
  • expand the Seniors Farmers Market Nutrition Program to include veterans;
  • provide schools more resources to purchase food locally;
  • ensure USDA grants and loans can be used to support local livestock, dairy, and poultry processing infrastructure; and
  • help domestic organic farmers meet the growing demand for organic food by continuing the organic cost-share program.

More details of the bill are available here.

This bill helps to reconnect local farms to local markets, both rural and urban, and supports revitalization of local economies.