Amendment to Portland City Code, Chapter 33 (Minimum Wage)

Jurisdiction Name: Portland
State/Province: ME
Country: United States
Type of Government: Municipality
Population: 66,649
Population Range: 50,000 to 249,999
Policy Links: WebPDF
Policy type: legislation and regulations
Year: 2015
GFC Topic: community food security
Keywords: amendment, employment, food security, minimum wage, ordinance, poverty reduction
Adopting Government Department(s):

Portland City Council

Lead Implementing Entity(s): Portland City Council
Support Entity(s):


Funding Amount: n/a
Funding Sources: n/a
Policy Outcome(s):

Beginning on January 1, 2016, the regular Minimum Wage for all Employees, including, but not limited to, Service Employees, shall be raised to $10.10 per hour. The minimum wage will increase to $10.68/hr on 1/1/17, and beginning on 7/1/18, the minimum wage will be increased annually in accordance to the Consumer Price Index. One purpose for the minimum wage raise: more than 50 percent of Portland public school students are eligible for free lunch, meaning their families have incomes at between 100 percent and 185 percent of the Federal poverty level, which is higher than what a single parent with one child in school would earn with a full-time minimum wage job

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