Amendments to Detroit’s Zoning Ordinance

Jurisdiction Name: Detroit
State/Province: MI
Country: United States
Type of Government: Municipality
Population: 713,777
Population Range: 250,000 to 999,999
Policy Links: PDF
Policy type: ordinance
Year: 2013
GFC Topic: community food production, community food security
Keywords: access, agriculture, community garden, distribution, economic development, farm, farmers market, farming, food access, food production, food security, food system, healthy, land, land use, local, local food, local food production, production, urban, urban agriculture, zoning
Adopting Government Department(s):
Lead Implementing Entity(s): n/a
Support Entity(s):


Funding Amount: n/a
Funding Sources: n/a
Policy Outcome(s):

Amendments were made to Detroit’s zoning ordinances that reflect the urban agricultural practices that are taking place in the city.  Urban gardens, urban farms, greenhouses, and hoophouses are permitted in residential and business districts.  The sale of produce is allowed from the property that the farm or garden is on.  Additionally, aquaculture, aquaponics, and hydroponics and permitted in certain districts.  Farm animals, oats, wheat and rye, and invasive plants are prohibited.

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