Markham’s Greenprint Sustainability Plan, Markham, Ontario

Jurisdiction Name: Markham
State/Province: ON
Country: Canada
Type of Government: Municipality
Population: 328,966
Population Range: 250,000 to 999,999
Policy Links: WebPDF
Policy type: plan
Year: 2011
GFC Topic: community food security
Keywords: agricultural land, community garden, community kitchen, education, food bank, food processing, food production, food security, food system, food systems, plan, water
Adopting Government Department(s):

Town of Markham Council

Lead Implementing Entity(s): Markham General Committee
Support Entity(s):

Markham Sustainability Office

Funding Amount: n/a
Funding Sources: Federal Gas Tax Fund; Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund
Policy Outcome(s):

The sustainability plan includes a section on food security, which explores topics such as food insecurity, health, and waste. Also included are measurements of variables to assess current food system performance, such as agricultural land use, established community gardens, food bank usage, and retail food environments. The section later provides recommendations to increase food security through education, engagement, and increased opportunities in the local food system. Thus far, the sustainability plan has been successful in creating community and allotment gardens within the town.

Additional Resources and Information: Link 1