Restrictions on the Keeping of Farm Animals and Bees, Ordinance No. 347.02

Jurisdiction Name: Cleveland
State/Province: OH
Country: United States
Type of Government: Municipality
Population: 396,815
Population Range: 250,000 to 999,999
Policy Links: PDF
Policy type: ordinance
Year: 2009
GFC Topic: community food production
Keywords: agriculture, animals, backyard animals, backyard chickens, chickens, food production, goats, land use, local, local food production, urban agriculture
Adopting Government Department(s):

Cleveland City Council

Lead Implementing Entity(s): Department of Building and Housing, Department of Public Health,
Support Entity(s):

Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition

Funding Amount: n/a
Funding Sources: n/a
Policy Outcome(s):

Small farm animals and bees are allowed in all neighborhoods in Cleveland, on both residentially-zoned and other zoned parcels. Six chickens are allowed on a typical residential lot with a coop, as long as it is at least 10 feet from the surrounding houses. In addition, one beehive per typical sized residential lot is allowed. Small farm animals are allowed on residential lots that are at least 24,000 square feet.

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