Roadmap to a Healthier Douglas County: 2013-2018 Douglas County Community Health Plan

Jurisdiction Name: Douglas County
State/Province: KS
Country: United States
Type of Government: County
Population: 112,864
Population Range: 50,000 to 249,999
Policy Links: PDF
Policy type: plan
Year: 2013
GFC Topic: community food security
Keywords: access, children, families, food access, food assistance, food banks, fruits, healthy, healthy choices, healthy food, institutions, low-income, plan, public venues, school, vegetables, workplaces, worksites
Adopting Government Department(s):

Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department

Lead Implementing Entity(s): Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department
Support Entity(s):

multiple governmental and non-governmental organizations (see page 19 of plan for more details)

Funding Amount:
Funding Sources:
Policy Outcome(s):

Plan addressed access to healthy food as a priority goal in the effort to collectively improve health for all; plan included strategies to improve the nutrition environment for children and enhance access to healthy food for low-income families

Additional Resources and Information: Link 1