Urban Agriculture Program Coordinator, Resolution No. 253-13

Jurisdiction Name: San Francisco City and County
State/Province: CA
Country: United States
Type of Government: Municipality/County
Population: 827,420
Population Range: 250,000 to 999,999
Policy Links: PDF
Policy type: resolution
Year: 2013
GFC Topic: community food connections, community food production, community food security
Keywords: agriculture, annual report, coordination, food production, funding allocation, plan, production, public funds, reporting, reporting requirements, requirements, staff position, staffing, urban, urban agriculture, urban agriculture annual report, urban agriculture program coordinator, urban agriculture work plan, work plan
Adopting Government Department(s):

City and County of San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Lead Implementing Entity(s): San Francisco Recreation and Park Department
Support Entity(s):


Funding Amount: $120,000
Funding Sources: Office of the City Administrator, unspent general funds from the FY2012-13 budget
Policy Outcome(s):

approved the plan to dedicate one full-time staff person to the coordination of the Urban Agriculture Program established by Ordinance No. 162-12; approved $120,000 to fund the position for one year; required Recreation and Park Department to submit a 1 year work plan for new Urban Agriculture Program coordinator with measurable goals, timelines, and evaluation metrics; required Recreation and Park Department to submit the first urban agriculture annual report to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors no later than January 1, 2014

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