New Exploring Stories of Innovation Publication Available on Multnomah County, Oregon

Growing Food Connections is excited to announce the addition of another publication in the Exploring Stories of Innovation series, a series of short articles that explore how local governments from across the United States are strengthening their community’s food system through planning and policy. Leading the Way: A Legacy of Food Systems Planning and Policy Work in Multnomah County, Oregon describes the past decade of  active involvement in food systems planning and program development in Multnomah County.

In addition to this new publication, the Exploring Stories of Innovation series includes:

Beginning in 2012, Growing Food Connections (GFC) conducted a national scan and identified 299 local governments across the United States that are developing and implementing a range of innovative plans, public programs, regulations, laws, financial investments and other policies to strengthen the food system. GFC conducted exploratory telephone interviews with 20 of these local governments. This series highlights some of the unique planning and policy strategies used by some of these urban and rural local governments to enhance community food security while ensuring sustainable and economically viable agriculture and food production.

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