Planning for Equitable Urban Agriculture: Future Directions for a New Ethic in City Building

“Planning for Equitable Urban Agriculture: Future Directions for a New Ethic in City Building”: A book in honor of Food Systems Planning scholar, teacher, and advocate- Jerome Kaufman; (Jerry) Kaufman (1933-2013). The book explores the potential and pitfalls of planning for urban agriculture, provides case studies from cities across the United States, and documents the state-of-art in municipal planning practice, research, and teaching tied to planning for urban agriculture. Cities featured in the book include Albany (GA), Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Cleveland, NYC, Seattle, and others.

An emeritus professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a founding member of the APA Food Interest Group (now APA FOOD), Jerry blended the roles of activist, practitioner (of planning), scholar, and teacher throughout his professional life. Principles of fairness and justice were a central tenet of Jerry’s life and work. Jerry wrote about urban education and race, central city planning, gender in planning, ethics — and, later in his life, food systems. During his lifetime, Jerry did not publish writings that explicitly connected planning ethics with planning for food systems, though there is plenty of evidence that this link nourished his scholarship, teaching, and actions on food systems.
The editors of the book surmise that Jerry’s early preoccupation with planning ethics influenced his openness toward food systems, a topic that was largely overlooked in formal urban and regional planning practice. Now, more than 50 individuals – many of whom he trained and worked with – celebrate his legacy by exploring questions of ethics and food systems in this new book. Chapters are written by teams of scholars, planning practitioners, and community advocates to provide a rounded view.

 The book is open access and can be accessed here:

Co-editors are: Marcia Caton Campbell, Alexandra Judelsohn, Branden Born, and Alfonso Morales.

Authors and contributors to the “Kaufman Book” include: Shantell Bingham, Sarah Buzogany, Laine Cidlowski, AICP, Abby Cocke, Nevin Cohen, Nick DeMarsh, Tanya Denckla Cobb, Jill Clark, Holly Freishtat, Emmanuel Frimpong Boamah, Kelsey Gosch, Domonique S. Griffin, MUP, Kimberley Hodgson, MURP, MS, AICP, RD, Sylvia Kelly, Gabriella Hall, Enjoli Dominique Hall, Aiden Irish, Ph.D., Sydney Jones, Micaela Lipman, Kami Pothukuchi, Yeeli Mui, Subhashni Raj, PhD, Carol E. Ramos-Gerena, Anusuya Rangarajan, Molly Riordan, Wayne Roberts, Shirley Sherrod, Avery Q. Sirwatka, Kristopher Walton, MUP, Alexander J. Wright JD, Domenic Vitiello, and others.

The Preface for the book is written by Professor Emeritus Beth Howe and Jerry’s son, writer Dan Kaufman.